STEM Recommendation: Rosie Revere and the Raucous Riveters

One of my favorite things to do in STEM challenges is linking the activity with a book. Over the last few years my favorites have included the series of picture books written by Andrea Beaty. Not only do I love the stories my students have felt the same way each year.

If you haven't used these books, please click each picture to learn more about them. (Disclosure: these are my affiliate links, which means I have the potential of receiving a small amount of $ from Amazon. There is no additional cost to you!)


While I certainly recommend these picture books to you I want to talk in this post about a new book that was published October 2nd. As soon as I heard about it I did a pre-order so it would arrive in my mailbox that day! I had definitely hoped that the picture books will continue with the stories of other students in Iggy, Rosie, and Ada's classroom. I had never even considered chapter books, but that is exactly what Ms. Beaty is doing.

All three characters are part of this new story, though Rosie is the main character. I love that the three of them have been working together on projects. We also get to meet the Raucous Riveters, a group of WW2 riveters which includes Rosie's great-aunt Rose. These ladies are great! They also have a problem for which they need Rosie's help.

My students picked up quickly that Rosie had changed from the picture book in that she now has a "growth mindset" towards her engineering endeavors. This is also a great book to get into inventors and inventions, and of course having a female engineer / inventor is a bonus.

This book is 22 short chapters, so we read it in 5 days. In the future I'll be suggesting some possible activities to go with all of these books. And, I am anxiously waiting for the next chapter book. This one stars Ada Twist and will be published April 16, 2019. It's available now for pre-order!

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