Monday Made It: August 7, 2017

Today's MMI includes a little something for Open House, which happens Wednesday evening this week. Thursday is our first day of school.

Four days before reporting back for pre-planning I found out I'm teaching second grade. I had spent all summer preparing to teach Kindergarten, so I am still prepping materials!

This note with a bag of microwave popcorn is what I'll be giving to my students who come to Open House. You can get a copy of them here.

My goal was to get this Christmas quilt finished (just the quilt top) before school starts. I'm working on the borders right now.  Next goal is to get it ready, quilt it on the longarm machine, and get the binding on before December 1st. Sounds like plenty of time, but you know what it's like once we are back in school!

I love to do the first day of school photo for my students. I teach in a very transient area, so by the end of the year, I sometimes have trouble remembering some of the students who were with us at the beginning. This year I will be using this sign. I'm also going to take a whole class picture this year in addition to the individual ones.
Next Monday I hope to tell you a little bit about our first couple of days and include some pictures of other things I've created for the beginning of the school year.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for a very special book talk. I'll be telling you about an opportunity to win a book giveaway over at Kidpeople Classroom. Don't miss it!

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