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Today I have three more great titles from the SSYRA Jr. list. The first book is one I have already written about in my STEM Lit series, but I wanted you to know it made this year's award list here in Florida. Again, the covers have links to my Amazon affiliate.

1. Ada Twist, Scientist

If you missed my previous post about this book, please go here to find out more about it.

2. The Bad Guys

This is a book that second-graders will enjoy. It is a type of graphic novel so not necessarily a good read-aloud choice. It might be a good one for boys who are a bit reluctant to pick up a book and read.

Mr. Wolf (who may have a connection to Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs) wants to convince you that he is not a bad guy. He is trying to enlist Mr.Piranha, Mr. Snake, and Mr. Shark to join the Good Guys Club. His plan is to rescue 200 dogs from the maximum security city pound. Does it all go smoothly? Read and find out!

This is the first volume of what is currently a four volume series so kids who love it can continue with the story.

3. Ferocious Fluffity

This picture book is set in a second-grade classroom. It's a rhyming story, which makes it a wonderful read-aloud.

Fluffity the hamster seems like a perfect class pet when the big box is opened. "She's so sweet" was the reaction of the students. The teacher tells them to look but not to touch. Of course, they all want to hold Fluffity.

When the teacher oversleeps one day the kids see their chance and take Fluffity out of the cage. That's when she attacks!

I can hardly wait to use this as a read-aloud this year. I think kids are going to love the story.

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  1. Thanks, Julie- the graphic novel sounds like an especially good one to be aware of. I will share with our librarian in case we don't have it. See you later. Kathleen


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