Book Talk and Giveaway!

Kathleen at Kidpeople Classroom is having a giveaway right now over on her blog. I hope you will enter to win one of the three books. This is the first giveaway book:

1. Too Much Glue

Matty LOVES glue! At home, he and his dad make lots of glue projects, so why not be creative at school too? Yes, his art teacher did tell him not to use too much but that is easier said than done (haven't we all had this kid in class?). She warns the class that too much glue never dries, and tells them "raindrops" not "puddles."

When Matty tells about things he makes with his dad he includes glue bouncy balls. I've done that project with my students, so once again this is a picture book that you can connect to a STEM challenge for students.

Of course, Matty goes wild with the glue and ends up with himself glued to a table. Somehow, everything the kids try to do to get him out ends up with more things glued to Matty. The school nurse can't help, and neither can the principal. Finally, his dad arrives to take him home. 

The best part: Dad's reaction to the mess that is Matty! Read the book to find out. If you are not fortunate enough to win the copy of Too Much Glue, check it out from your library or find it on the Epic app. Your students will enjoy the story and you can use it as a springboard for glue instruction.

I first read this book to my third graders a couple years ago. They loved Matty's story and the activity we did as a follow-up. You can purchase "Stuck Like Glue" on TPT from "Science and Kids" here. It's listed as 4th grade and up but worked well for my thirds. I'm thinking about adapting it for second grade this year.

Even without the activity, this is a great book for teaching proper use of glue early in the year. I expect to be using it next week.

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  1. You know, I heard about this book and heard about this book, yet never read it until now... so glad we get to give it away! It is a such a good start of year book. See you later. Kathleen


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