Monday Made It: July 24, 2017

School starts here on August 10th, so I am beginning to feel a bit of urgency to get things downloaded, printed, laminated, cut, and ready to go! That's how I spent last Friday afternoon.

The first thing I got ready was my own "Dino Tens" activity. I made this product a couple years ago but I wasn't teaching Kindergarten at the time so never used it myself (click here to see it on TPT).

It includes three different sets of ten frames. The first set has empty boxes, the second set is for subitizing, and the third set shows number bonds for ten.

I'm looking forward to using these with my new class of Kinders. I think they will love the baby dinos!

My second made-it is a freebie from the fabulous Deanna Jump. I think this is going to be a popular game this year. I love how brightly colored it is.

It's a sight word game - kids move ahead on the game board when they read the words and move back if they get a "pop" card.

I made lots more items than what I'm sharing today and will probably have more to show next week. How about you - are you feeling that urgency yet?

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  1. I am on vacay this week– I'm looking out on the pool as I type– so no urgency for me... Next week, I'll start losing my mind :) I'm gonna be watching you as you make your transformation down to K and share new ideas. Can't have too many ideas. Kathleen


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