Monday Made It 7-3-17

So many of the projects I have been working on this summer don't lend themselves to being photographed and posted! However, I just spent a few days cleaning up my Pinterest account - organizing my boards, moving pins that I had put in the wrong place, and even deleting some pins. Part of the reorganization was making new covers for all my public boards, so that is my made-it for this week.

If you want to make Pinterest board covers of your own I highly recommend the tutorial from Ladybug Teaching Files that you can read here. It was an MMI post back in the summer of 2014. I made my original covers that summer, so I went back and re-read the post this year to refresh my memory. I'm going to show you a few of my covers - to see more, click on my Pinterest link and check out my other boards.

Cleaning up years of random pins is a bit tedious but like most such tasks feels good when finished! It was a good project to take on while watching baseball or Netflix or Prime Video! I don't watch much TV other than Red Sox games and when I do I feel like I need to be doing something productive so this was perfect.


  1. Julie, thanks for sharing! I think that is something that I need to do also.
    iTeach 2nd

  2. I have covers for most of my boards. I did them several years ago and need to do more... except I don't remember how I did them!! I hope I can find them again :-o See you around. Kathleen

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  4. I always dread cleaning up my pinterest boards. However, it's much easier now that you can edit multiple pins at once! :)

    The Teal Paperclip


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