Monday Made It: 7-17-17

Linking up again with 4th Grade Frolics #Monday Made It after a week off 'cause nothing was finished!

This summer I have been very focused on getting healthy. I was having a couple of health issues, and in fact was not happy with the number of sick days I took last year. To address them I made a change from the doctor I had been with for many years to our employee health clinic (our care is free there). It has made a huge difference - the doctor might spend a max 5 minutes with me before. Now I get lots of attention from a fantastic nurse practitioner plus other support people (nutritionist, patient care rep). I have made lots of lifestyle changes so that I could get my glucose levels under control and it is definitely paying off. I've also gone to physical therapy twice a week for my entire vacation to address shoulder pain. I have my range of motion back, and am working on strength in these last few weeks before school starts.
All that to say, I made healthy coconut-banana bread! I love it so much I think this is my fourth loaf. You can find the recipe here if you are interested.

Last Monday I finished quilting my patriotic quilt (I showed it in my post a couple weeks ago). On Tuesdays, I go to a sewing day for my guild, and this is what I made this week. It is a "bowl-hugger" to use in the microwave. I am loving it. Here is what it looks like in use:

And no, I did not microwave with the spoon in it!! It has to be made of 100% cotton material, thread, and special batting to go in the micro. Now I'm going to make another for school since I often take leftovers to warm up. I love sunflowers, so when I saw the fabric at Hob Lob I snatched it right up.

And yesterday I made another one of these to take back to school with me. I often take leftovers to reheat so this will get used a lot.

I have been assigned to teach Kindergarten this year. It has been nine years since I taught K and seven years since I taught ELA! And all our kindergarten classes are self-contained this year (so at least I'm not the only one having to teach ELA). I have nothing for K, all the standards have changed, so I have started downloading wonderful activities from the kinder teachers I can find! This is my stack of laminated pages - now I have to find something interesting to watch while I cut, cut, cut! This is all math, so I still have to print and laminate all the great ELA activities I've downloaded.


  1. Well, you are in for a big adventure in kindergarten! Good for you. I'll help a bit– here is a link to posts and freebies for the start of the year in K. Hope you find it helpful :) Kathleen

    1. Thanks Kathleen! Years ago when I moved from K to 3rd I thought I'd never be back. Life is filled with glorious surprises!


  2. Great sewing projects! Summer is my sewing time, as during the school year there are so many other things that get my attention.
    iTeach 2nd


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