Favorite STEM Picture Books: Engineering Edition

It was hard to pick just three books this week. I have a lot of favorites when it comes to engineering, so I've included some of the others on my STEM Lit Pinterest board.

1. Galimoto

I love this little book! Kondi wants to make a galimoto, a vehicle made of wire, but doesn't have enough supplies. He spends the day gathering what he needs. This past school year when I wanted to share this book I could not find my copy. Fortunately, it's a Reading Rainbow book so I was able to access the video and show it to my class that way! My school district subscribes to Safari Montage and I often use RR videos to go with lessons.

2. If I Built A Car

Third graders had a great time with this book. Jack has a vivid imagination and explains so many ways he would improve cars. His car will include a robot driver and a pool. Of course, it will fly AND travel underwater.
This book is perfect for any STEM activity involving cars - probably in your forces and motion unit.  

3. Pop's Bridge

I did a big unit with fifth graders on bridges. As I was researching different types of bridges and reading about famous bridges I came across this picture book. This story celebrates the brave workers who built bridges like the Golden Gate. Robert's father is one of the ironworkers who climbs way up to work on this bridge. He thinks his Dad has the most important job, but when a crisis happens he gets to see the importance of teamwork. Bridge-building works with all grade levels and so does this book.


  1. Hi Julie, I use Galimoto as a good stem book, too. I even purchased a couple galimotos at the store Ten Thousand Villages. I have on that is a figure riding a bike, and another of a rhino chasing a running figure. The kids love to make them go and take a gander at how they work. Just thought you and your readers would want to know because they are not expensive and I think Ten Thousand Villages is in both the US and Canada. See you around. Kathleen

  2. OK, this is trouble! I googled Ten Thousand Villages and found we have one here in the Orlando area! I just may have to visit.


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