Monday Made It 6/26/17

 I'm a day late posting this, but that's because I was still stitching yesterday! Just one made-it this week. I have four sisters and when the oldest of them was about to turn 50 I got the bright idea that I should make her a quilt. It turned out great, and she loved it. Then I realized that I probably should do it for the other three too. This quilt is the last of my "sister quilts." My youngest sister turns 50 at the end of August and I'll be shipping this off to her in a few weeks. Funny story: I planned to make a different quilt for her. At Christmas, my brother was visiting and I mentioned about planning her quilt for 2018. He corrected me! Turns out she turns 50 this year! That put a little pressure on me, but I got it done. I don't get a lot of quilting done during the school year, so thought I was going to get it underway in the summer.

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