STEM Lab: part 4

Two of my biggest challenges starting out this year was planning for kindergarten and making modifications for the three ASD (autism spectrum) classes. While I have six years of experience teaching K, I must admit I had forgotten that the beginning of the year is an experience in herding cats!

After the first day of school I realized I needed to come up with something very simple for the kindergarten classes. Something that would help me introduce STEM and establish the classroom rules and routines. Fortunately my cupboards of supplies includes several boxes of duplo blocks. Students were thrilled to have the opportunity to play and build.


I have three classes of students with autism. They are divided into K/1, 2/3, and 4/5. Each class comes with one of the grade level classes. As you may guess, the students vary greatly in their abilities so my challenge is to not only get to know the individual students but also to determine who needs a modification to the activities we are doing. In each class there are one or two students who are much lower functioning than the others. The assistants who come with the class will pull out alternate activities that I have ready - like the duplos - for those students. The other students participate in the grade level activity. The assistants and I help where needed, but many of them do just fine on their own. These kids are amazing, and I am thoroughly enjoying having them in the classroom.

Happy teaching!

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