Fairy Tale STEM

One of my favorite things to do with STEM lessons is to use a book hook. Right now I am in a unit where I am using classic fairy tales with my kids. I look for a youtube video that I can show, because I can't stand reading a story over and over again for two weeks!

Here are the activities that we have been doing. We have finished the first week (with a two day interruption of school due to Hurricane Matthew) and have another week to go.

1. The Three Little Pigs

My kindergarten students were challenged to build a house for the little pig that the Big Bad Wolf could not blow down.


They tried a variety of materials and when they had a house built I came by with the Wolf - a hair dryer with a picture of the Wolf taped on. Hilarity ensued!

2. Rapunzel

Third graders are working on a way for Rapunzel to escape from the tower - without help from the prince.


Next week - more fairy tales! Happy teaching.

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