Making the Move to STEM part two

After cleaning up all those boxes I showed you in my last post, I have a very nice STEM lab.



I see six classes daily in this room. My morning is filled with intermediate grades and I have primary students during the afternoon. The school year started on a Wednesday and the rotations go through two weeks to see all the students. Along with the rules and routines that are part of the first days I planned to jump right into an introduction to STEM.

One thing I want to do this year is to highlight various STEM careers. I purchased a set of posters from Lakeshore Learning and you can see the first two on my Careers board in one of the pictures. I look for short youtube videos to help explain the careers as well as using the printed information on the back of each poster.

For my first challenges, the fourth and fifth-grade students built perches for Harry so he could see the classroom.

Second and third-graders tried to save Sam by getting his life jacket on.

The kindergarten and first-grade classes built with the Duplo block kits. 

It was a successful first two weeks. Students were engaged and were having fun. Their teachers kept telling me that they talked about STEM constantly and wanted to know when they could go back. I'll be sharing in future posts about our beginning lessons on the Engineering Design Process as well as incorporating our three ASD (autism spectrum) units into the classes. Until them, happy teaching!

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