Making The Move to STEM: part 1

I haven't written a blog post since the end of July. Like many of you, I've been busy with back to school! For me, August has been a month of learning a new job - which I am loving. School started here on August 10th, so we have 18 days under our belts and I'm ready to share a little bit from my new classroom.
I am still at the same school but have moved from teaching 3rd-grade math and science to two classrooms. Now I teach STEM as a special area class to the entire school. With over 950 students that takes a full two weeks. Some grade levels have to split one or two classes to get them all in. We also have three ASD units that come with their grade level, so some of my classes are pretty full.
I am loving my new classroom - I had to move from an upstairs room where I had taught for the last six years to a downstairs room. My favorite thing is that there is a parking spot right outside my back door - since I need to make a quick getaway at the end of the day it is perfect.
I will share a few pictures of my room before pre-planning:



As you can see, I have some great cupboard space. Since STEM is very "materials intensive," this is a huge blessing. I am able to keep a lot of the supplies behind closed doors.

I have a few posts planned to show you my classroom and tell you about the STEM challenges we have been doing at the start of the year. I'll leave you today with the one thing I forgot: teaching Kindergarten is like herding cats. I was quickly reminded of that on day one! Before my 7 years in 3rd grade, I had taught kinder for the previous 6 years. I remembered a lot of things, but had to quickly make some changes before my second day of K. More about that later :)

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