STEM on a Shoestring: Part II

Today I want to show you a few more Dollar Tree resources for STEMing your classroom. All kinds of containers are needed for so many things. I'm picking up one or two packages of these for things like modeling dough, paper clips, and toothpicks.

For larger items these are helpful. I think I need a bunch of them this year to make sure my materials are ready to go throughout the day.

I've been using these little plastic containers for years in science class. They are good for wet or dry ingredients, especially ones that students need to measure. I like those little bowls, too. I haven't bought any yet but I think I will.

These clear plastic bowls may also be handy - haven't decided what to use them for but I will probably pick up a couple packages.

In part III I will share a few more Dollar Tree faves. What have I missed that is a "must have" in your classroom?

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