Fiction Friday: July 22nd

Happy Friday everyone! Today I have two books for you from the Sunshine State list.

Gabby Duran and the Unsittables

Elise Allen and Daryle Connors

Middle schooler Gabby Duran is a babysitter who can tame the most difficult children. We first meet her on a movie set to watch over a star's triplets. No one else can handle these three, but she has them eating out of her hand. Because of her mad skills, she gets top dollar for her babysitting jobs and is much in demand. So much that she has come to the attention of Agent Associate 4118-23432B who recruits Gabby into a top-secret organization dealing with aliens! Alien children need babysitters too and Abby is just the girl for the job. 

Gabby accepts the (lucrative) job - she is helping her single mom support the family - and a wild adventure begins. The authors have a second book out in this series for those who get hooked by the fun. The book is recommended for 8 - 12 year olds.

Serafina's Promise


Ann E. Burg

Novels in verse are a somewhat new experience for me (Kwame Alexander and Jacqueline Woodson were the first author's to catch my fancy). This one tells the story of a young Haitian girl who dreams of becoming a doctor to help people. You will love Serafina, I believe. She is inspiring in her steadfast goal of going to school. Of course, I read the book with some dread. At one point I may have said out loud, "Please don't let the earthquake happen." 

Of course, the earthquake does happen. Before that, though, there is a devastating flood. How do you recover from the tragedies when you are already struggling to survive? I think this book is a great potential read-aloud with lots of discussion about poverty, culture, and resilience. Sad things happen in this book but there is an indomitable spirit also.

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  1. Hi Julie! You always recommend the best books. Both of these are new to me too! Thank you for linking up. I am fascinated by Serafina's Promise - sounds powerful!


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