Fiction Friday: July 15

I detoured from the Sunshine State books last week, but back on course today! First up is a book I did not expect to like - the premise was just so silly - but I have to admit I really enjoyed it.

Did you know that the dinosaur gene tends to skip a generation? Sawyer's grandfather was part stegosaurus and during summer vacation dino characteristics begin to emerge (as you can see from the cover picture). Now he will be starting fifth grade with a dinosaur tail! There is a new principal at his school, and she sticks up for him. In fact, she expels students who make fun of him! If that sounds a bit extreme, well there is something strange going on. The story ends up being a fun take on bullying, accepting differences, and appreciating who you are.

Hmm . . . another chicken book! Prairie is a charming heroine. She and her parents have moved north to New York state which is a big adjustment. Another big adjustment - her grandmother had homeschooled her and she is not at all comfortable with the idea of going to school. Her schooling has often taken place out in nature so she has a wealth of knowledge but not a lot of experience with other students. She has particularly missed out on the not so nice behavior of classmates. She does make a wonderful friend, Ivy. Prairie also decides to raise chickens.

The story is very relationship-driven. Prairie is struggling with being away from her grandmother in North Carolina. At the same time, she is learning to be a good friend to Ivy, who has a not-so-great home life. 

I definitely recommend both of these books!

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  1. Dinosaur Boy sounds like a fun read! I think my sixth graders might enjoy reading. Thank you for sharing.

    2 Smart Wenches


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