Fiction Friday: 6/24/16

This week I have selected a book that was probably my least favorite of the new SSYRA list. There's really not anything unique about the story or characters - not enough to grab my interest, at least. However, if I was going back to the third-grade classroom this might be my first read-aloud book. The reason for that - I think it will have boy-appeal. It can be difficult to find a book on the award list that I think my boys will love and I really think they would like this one.

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Fish Finelli:Seagulls Don't Eat Pickles by E.S. Farber is written for the grade 3 - 5 audience. It is the story of "Fish" who has a summer goal of fixing up his boat and competing in the big race. He bets one of the towns bullies $50 that he can find the elusive treasure of Captain Kidd which was supposedly buried near their town.

As Fish and his best friends, Roger and T.J., try to solve the mystery the story becomes a pirate adventure that will likely appeal to the boys in your class. There is a lot of science in the book and a lot of humor (on the level of 3rd - 5th-grade boys!).

At under 200 pages, it is a quick read and might be just the thing to motivate some students. I recommended it at the end of the past school year to a few of my students that I know are unlikely to wade through a longer and more serious text.

Happy Reading! I need to get back to book three of The 5th Wave trilogy!

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  1. This sounds like a good addition to my classroom library. I'm always looking for more books that appeal to boys, especially in the early chapter book range. Thanks for the recommendation!


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