TBT: A Series of Freebies #7

I always have several students who struggle with the concept of rounding numbers. For some of them it helps to have something to manipulate while trying to round to nearest ten or hundred. I put together this to use for them a couple years ago. Today's throwback Thursday revisits it.

To read my original post about using this in the classroom, click here. To download the freebie, click the picture.


TBT: A Series of Freebies #6

This book is so much fun to read aloud. When it was one of our Florida award books I created a booklet for my students to use during our reading. You can click the book cover to read more about the title at Amazon, and click here for the booklet.


TBT: A Series of Freebies #5

Do your students enjoy Scoot games? A few years ago I made a mini version to use with a small group of students in my intervention class. You can read about it and get a copy here


STEM Ideas: Roller Coasters

As part of our "Energy" unit is science I planned some related STEM activities. One of them was roller coasters, which my students were so excited about. Here are some pictures:




The tracks are made of foam pipe insulation, which I ordered from Amazon here. On this day we were making bumper coasters. The kids would release a marble at the highest point, it would hit another marble on the track, and the goal was that they marbles would NOT go into the cup. They learned a lot with this hands-on activity about potential and kinetic energy.

The activity came from mysteryscience.com. If you are not familiar with this site click right over to check it out!

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