Monday Made It: June 8th

School finished for us last Thursday, with Friday our work day. I'm looking forward to getting some things made this summer -- Tara keeps me focused with this great linky! The last few weeks were pretty stressful, so I only have a couple things this time. First up, a quick little end-of-year gift for some of my students. These will be for my teaching partner's class, as I am giving my home room students books. This was a pinterest find; check it out here.

My last day with them was Wednesday, and they were excited that I had something for them!

 I had to stay home from school a few weeks ago to have a new AC unit installed at my home. I tried to be productive during the day and managed to get this quilt top sewn together -- I had been procrastinating! This is a Linus quilt (charity) and now it just needs a border and to be quilted and finished.

Today I'm hoping to work on the quilting -- maybe next week I'll actually have a picture of the finished product!

May Currently

Yes, end of school year blogger here -- in other words, nothing is getting written as I try to survive the final weeks! Thank goodness for Currently.

Red Sox baseball games are the soundtrack of my summer!

Friday I stay home for the day to have our new AC unit installed -yay! Ours is 13 years old, and FL has about a 10 year life expectancy on these things.

I want to have fun with the grandkids, relax, quilt, . . . 

Busy documenting domains 2-4 for Marzano eval; 'nuff said!

I discovered John Connolly's Charlie Parker series earlier this year and am steadily working my way through all the books. Picked up the next two at the library today. (Side note: just finished my 117th book of 2015)

NOT going to spend my summer going to workshops this year -- just saying NO! Setting some goals for new products in story by August. Planning to take a course on writing this summer (online) and hope to work on a book and maybe finish one by the time I go back to school.

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