Fiction Friday November 6

My first book was on my to-read list for quite awhile and I finally got around to downloading the e-book.

I liked the main character, Donovan, who accidentally ends up in a gifted classroom. He provided a lot of the humor in this story and I appreciated how he learned and grew as a person. However, I found the "gifted" kids to mostly be unrealistic. They seemed like stereotypes rather than being like students I know. I still enjoyed the book and think that many students will enjoy it also.

This picture book was on display when I stopped at the library to pick up some books that were on hold for me. The cover caught my eye, and it had been a while since I read a new picture book, so I checked it out. It turned out to be a tall tale filled with extremely exaggerated adventures and a great heroine. I loved the language and the illustrations; this book would make a great read-aloud though it is packed with text and will take a while! 

Happy Reading!

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