STEM Again

After six weeks of school I have so far met my goal of STEM lessons on a weekly basis. I'm hearing my students come in on Wednesdays reminding each other "it's STEM day!" which I love! I blogged awhile ago about our first two challenges, Saving Fred and Cup Towers. Since then we have constructed Spaghetti Towers:

Explored building with K'Nex:

And simulated what it might be like to work for an engineering in an activity involving building the tallest freestanding tower with 15 fuzzy sticks:

Students are understanding the importance of the foundation when building a tower and the steps of the engineering process. I have one more tower activity that we will do closer to Halloween, and in the meantime we are moving into our Properties of Matter unit in science and will be planning STEM activities that go along with that.

Honestly, my dream job would be to be able to do STEM with kids all day long! How about you?

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