Fiction Friday October 9th

During the last two weeks I finished a sequel to a book I read during the summer. I enjoyed Nerd Camp very much so decided to grab Nerd Camp 2.0 when it became available as an ebook on Overdrive. Often the sequels don't appeal as much, but I really enjoyed this one. It is set the next summer, and this time both Gabe (hero of Nerd Camp) and his stepbrother Zack (the cool one) are going to summer camp. Much to their chagrin, Zack's camp is being held on the site of Gabe's due to a fire. This has the potential to destroy their relationship, as the two camps have a lot of trouble getting along. If you have read Nerd Camp I definitely recommend the sequel!

I read Touch Blue by Cynthia Lord a couple years ago, but had not read any of her other books. Rules is her debut novel, and I really liked the way she handled the family relationships in the book, which includes a brother with autism. The brother of one of my students this year is in one of our school's autism spectrum units and I'm thinking of adding this one to our classroom library. This description from Amazon sums up the book beautifully: 
Twelve-year-old Catherine just wants a normal life. Which is near impossible when you have a brother with autism and a family that revolves around his disability. She's spent years trying to teach David the rules from "a peach is not a funny-looking apple" to "keep your pants on in public"---in order to head off David's embarrassing behaviors.
But the summer Catherine meets Jason, a surprising, new sort-of friend, and Kristi, the next-door friend she's always wished for, it's her own shocking behavior that turns everything upside down and forces her to ask: What is normal?

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