Monday Made It: September 2015

As soon as school starts I always find new things that need to be made!

I've gotten started with math stations and decided to use cubbies to keep materials easily accessible. Had to make some labels for them!

It took two weeks, but my students finally got to do the Minion craftivity (glyph) that I had prepared for week one! We had such a good time making those little guys. Then I went home for the weekend and whipped up the Minion panel. My other class wants to make Minions too, so I'm going to copy some more pieces and try to fit that in this week.

I really liked this set of 7 math posters from Tales From Outside The Classroom, so I printed and laminated and have them on the wall in front of where we meet together for our math meetings. Kiddos think they are awesome, and we have been referring to them as we work problems.

I am so excited for my students to try this at math stations! It is a jumbo hundreds chart with puzzle pieces that will create a pattern. I found this Pattern Puzzle freebie at More Time 2 Teach. After picking up colored poster board at the dollar store I printed the four pieces to make the hundreds chart, glued them together, and then onto the board. I used colored copy paper for the puzzle pieces and laminated them before cutting out. The board will have to be laminated at school since it's too big for my personal laminator. I'm looking forward to observing this in the classroom to see who can pick up the pattern.


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