Math Lit: Greg Tang

If you use math trade books in your classroom you are probably very familiar with Greg Tang. This summer I picked up a couple of his books in my local library that I had not yet read. The first is Math Fables Too (Making Science Count).

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This book is geared to younger children, probably up to first grade, so I won't be using it in my third grade classroom. If you are a primary teacher of math and science check it out. I loved the format of a counting book that lays a foundation for addition and includes great science content about animals. Our students love learning about animals and this book with the great illustrations will definitely appeal. 

The second book is one that I can certainly use in my classroom. The Best of Times is a multiplication book. It will be a great discussion starter for ways to think about numbers when we start multiplication in September. It focuses on ways to multiply without memorization. In other words, ways to actually understand and conceptualize the math involved first. 

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This one I decided to add to my library, so I have it on order. I decided I'd rather not hope that it will be available at the library when I want it!

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