Fiction Friday: September 4th

I love posts about books that others are reading or recommending, so I hope to write a Fiction Friday post at least once a month during this school year and share some of what I am reading myself and in the classroom.

This book was my choice for the first read-aloud of the year. I chose it because of its short length, because it is one of this year's Sunshine State books, and because it involves dogs (third graders often enjoy animal stories). In my school if a student reads an SSYRA book and passes the AR test with at least a 70% score they receive a little metal charm to put on their bag tag chain. I am not an AR fan, but I like to help them get that first charm if that's important to them.



I had a little binge last month with books by Amy Krause Rosenthal from my local library. I'm pretty sure some are going to get checked out to go to school with me before too long. They were fun to read and will be great short read-alouds. I loved Spoon, which is about friendship, The chopsticks were characters in that book, so then I read their book and loved it even more!

“Everybody is smart in different ways. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its life believing it is stupid.”
I absolutely love this story. Ally is so brave as she struggles through school with (unidentified) dyslexia. Listening the audio book I found myself driving and talking back to my phone: "why has no one in her life figured out she can't read and has a learning disability!" It broke my heart but I ended up with so much admiration for her. Of course, she does finally get a teacher who cares about her and things begin to change.

All great stories! What have you been reading?


  1. I definitely want to read Fish in a Tree. I bet it would make a good read aloud.
    Happy Friday
    Artistry of Education


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