Fiction Friday: September 25, 2015

It is certainly harder to read voraciously after school starts! Lately it seems I'm reading longer books, which of course take awhile to finish, and am slowing down a bit of children's books. I do have for you the last of our 15 Sunshine State Young Reader Awards books. And by that I mean the last one that I had not yet read.

Fourth grader Zack has a small blue alien crash land in his bedroom. This book is filled with real science, including directions for creating a bottle rocket. Zack's parents are scientists but he is more interested in baseball. In his efforts to help Amp, the little alien who becomes a friend, he must develop his own science skills. The science is CCSS aligned, the story has many funny moments, and this book should appeal to many readers. I am planning to use it as a read-aloud in the spring when we get to our Sun and Stars science unit. My STEM lessons will be about rockets and this should fit right in!

This book was the one I chose to share with students on 9/11 this year. I had read it at home but still found myself getting emotional at the ending, which simply states that the towers are gone now.
This is the story of Philippe Petit, who with three friends stretched a wire between the unfinished towers in 1974 and proceeded to walk, run, and dance a quarter mile up in the air! It's a beautiful book and was a sweet introduction to the towers which were destroyed before my students were born.

I have enjoyed Rick Riordan's mythology series, but Heroes of Olympus has taken me a long time to get through for some reason. I'm looking forward to his new series on Norse mythology so I decided to get this one finished. The Blood of Olympus nicely wraps up the Percy Jackson story, as well as that of other characters introduced in this series. I'm personally hoping that Riordan is finished with this world; I loved the Egyptian series and would prefer more new ones like that.

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  1. I love your book recommendations. I always find something on your blog I haven't read, but want to.
    Rick Riordan is finished with the Percy Jackson/Olympian story world. His next series is Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard and it is based on Norse mythology. My stepdaughter can't wait to read it when it is released October 6.


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