Beginning of the Year - Engineering Design Process and Scientific Method

During our first week of school I introduced my class to both the Engineering Design Process and the Scientific Method with hands-on activities. I have a long whiteboard on one wall that fortunately is magnetic. This board is where I have placed STEM and Science standards.


 I made these labels to display on the board; actually I redesigned the ones I made last spring to make them easier to read. I also printed one page with all the circles so that my students can glue them into their ISN.


I am going to share my display circles; if you teach either of these processes feel free to download them to use in your classroom. You can access the freebie here.

During the first week of school my students saved Fred! It was a great way to introduce them to the engineering design process.

This past week we began our regular "STEM Wednesdays" with our first challenge - building the tallest cup tower. Since we have also spent the first two weeks talking about growth mindsets, the connection of the importance of learning from mistakes was awesome!


This week's challenge will continue the tower theme; I'm looking forward to seeing their spaghetti towers!

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