Week One is Done

What an interesting first week we had! I felt like I'm beginning to understand my group's strengths and weaknesses, though of course I still have a lot to learn about them. You will all understand when I say that I already know who's in serious trouble academically! What I love is that most of them are expressing a strong desire to learn, with one even asking me if I am going to spend time working with him so he will understand the math.
On the first day I included the "Saving Fred" activity that gave me a way to introduce the engineering design process. Kids in both my classes loved it! We spent some time afterward talking about the importance of teamwork and putting up a poster of what group work looks like.


The next day we did our first science experiment to begin learning the steps of the scientific method. Our question: Will soapy water or taco sauce clean a dirty penny? The majority were surprised to find that taco sauce is a better cleaner, and they came up with some very thoughtful explanations for the results.
I wrote last week about our pancake adventure - also on day two - so it was a busy beginning to the week. I found that those two days set a tone for the students that had them saying how much they love my classroom, that this must be a fun class, etc. They seemed to end the week with a lot of anticipation about what will come next. I can hardly wait to see them build towers for STEM on Wednesday!
If you are back in school, how is the beginning of your year going? Here in central Florida we are hoping not to have the second week disrupted by Tropical Storm Ericka!


  1. Can you tell exactly how you did this project with the class? Thank you! Looks like a great one. :)

    1. Hi Beverly! Here is a link that explains the activity:

      It requires two people, which is what I love about it - great way to intro the importance of teamwork.


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