Monday Made It: August 24th (First Day of School!)

 I made it through Pre-Planning! There was a lot to do, but fortunately we had a little more time than usual to work in our rooms. It all culminated on Friday with Open House from 3 - 6. For the first half, I had one (ONE) of my students come in! Fortunately my partner's students were coming in steadily so at least I met most of them. I ended up with only nine of 18. I think that's the lowest attendance ever from my classroom, so I was a little disappointed. However, I'm going to just expect them all to come Monday morning and be prepared to send lots of stuff home!


After being in my classroom all week I decided that I really was not happy with my engineering process and scientific method displays, so on Saturday I decided to make new ones. I will try to get in early enough Monday morning to take down the other sets and get this up on the board. I like them so much more. If you like them, watch my blog for a chance to download (as soon as I'm a little more settled!).

The first math literature book I'll be using is All The King's Tens, so I printed and laminated my work mats. Over the summer I had changed the clip art on them, and Friday I realized that I did not have them ready to go. Our first math unit includes place value and I love this book as a springboard.


  1. Too bad about the poor attendance. Hopefully your first day back is awesome! I have a fun printable place value book I just reblogged about. : ) You might like it. Take care!
    Kids Math Teacher


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