Monday Made It: August 10th

 It's here! The last Monday of my summer vacation. Many of my colleagues went back today for "pre-preplanning" but I was not willing to give up a week of my vacation to do curriculum planning. I'm going to enjoy this final week, and get myself ready to hit the ground running next Monday. For maybe the first time this summer I have a totally school made-its post; nothing like a deadline!

I finished up my VIP baskets. This year I'll be choosing two students to sit at the special VIP desks. They get to use the special materials in the baskets. I'm looking forward to trying this out this year.


Each month I celebrate my students' birthdays at the end of the month, usually the last Friday. Last year I baked a sheet cake each time, but I decided to try doing cupcakes this year. My first week will be busy, so I made my cupcakes and put them in the freezer this week. All I do is take them out the day before, frost them, and take them to school.


I went to school last week and put up my STEM and Science process displays that I made. I'm deliberately leaving these white boards plain so that I can put up more things with students.

I made lots of progress on my Growth Mindset board! Getting those stair step strips done was quite a bit of work and I'm looking forward to using this as a discussion starter.

For a couple years now I've wanted to have a picture frame to use on the first day of school. Students hold it up to frame themselves, and the pictures are so great. I finally went to Goodwill and spent $5 on a frame, threw away the lovely picture inside, and created the parts to glue on. I took it to school to glue, because I was sure I'd ruin it otherwise! Now I just have to make sure I make time on the first day for this project.


  1. Wow! You bake for your students each month?? Good for you! Glad things are underway nicely in your room now. See you around. Kathleen Kidpeople Classroom

  2. I love the VIP table idea. Hmmmm. I may have to copy you! Thanks for the post!
    Come see me at P.J. Jots!

  3. I'm all about the growth mindset this year- your stair idea is genius! And how sweet of you to bake for your students... I bet they love it!

  4. You've been busy--so awesome! Thanks for the Amazon review of The Pancake Menu! I hope your students enjoy it too : ) Let me know if you ever do a blog post about it if you can remember to contact me, otherwise I'll be on the lookout. Have a great beginning to the school year!
    Kids Math Teacher

  5. I like cupcakes for school as then you don't have to worry about cutting them into pieces. They seem to be finger food too. I really like the "Oh the Places You'll Go" quote. It goes along with your growth mindset so nicely!

    My Bright Blue House

  6. Love your VIP baskets and growth mindset board! Enjoy your last week of summer vacation!

  7. I wish our school allowed us to take baked goodies :( you're to sweet to bake a little something for them each month!


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