Dollar Tree - The Best Teacher Store Ever!

I'm lucky to have a great Dollar Tree store right here in my town. I've stayed out of it for most of the summer, but with just two more weeks of vacation left it's time to be making regular stops. Here is what I picked up on Friday:

24 total items!

I'm putting together a bag of recess things, so got a plastic bat, extra balls, a ball pump, and a set of bases. I have a kickball at school that I inherited from a retired teacher - the kids love it, but it has to have air put in every time we use it. I'm hoping this little $1 pump will do the trick. I also have some jump ropes and other items at school, so this will give a bit of variety.

The big blue tubs are for my STEM activities. They should hold all the supplies needed for each group.

Many of the other items are for my new VIP table. I read this classroom management idea on The Tattooed Teacher blog (click to read about it), and decided it would be fun to try it out in my room this year. I have put a number of items together and will add to it when I get back in the classroom. 

What are your best Dollar store finds this summer?

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  1. I bought many bins and some supplies for my teacher emergency kit. I have a long list of things yet to buy!

    The Math Maniac


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