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As I previously blogged, I am branching out with my math products to primary grades. My newest product went live in Teachers Notebook and Teachers Pay Teachers last week. These recent kindergarten-targeted products have come out of my experience of have several third graders each year who don't have an understanding of the number ten -- and it's crucial!

 This one uses a Popsicle theme (graphics from the wonderful Mel at Graphics From The Pond) to give your students practice with decomposing ten and finding the number that makes ten when added to another. I know I'll be prepping it for my own classroom for those kiddos who are struggling with this in third grade! I'm sure there are a lot of first and second graders who need to practice, too.

If you think this might be helpful, please check it out in your own favorite store. Maybe put it on your wish list to prepare for this year's Back To School sales -- that's what I'm doing now when I see new products :)

Click Below for Teachers Notebook

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