MMI: July 27th

Three weeks from today I will be back at work for our week of pre-planning. I feel like I still have so much I want to accomplish! I am certainly going to have to get a few more school made-its done.

 This week I picked up some wooden letters at Hobby Lobby plus some Turquoise paint. Several coats of paint plus clear spray and I have these ready to put up on one of my walls. I was originally going to go with "READ" and at the last minute decided to make a STEM sign instead.

 This is a Marzetti dressing bottle that I re-purposed to be a pretty desk decoration. It's plastic, so no worries about it breaking! I'm picking up some artificial flowers - two or three - so I can vary what's in it.

I finished a new Kindergarten math product and uploaded it to my stores. I am totally addicted to Graphics From The Pond clip art, so just had to use the popsicles for this one.


I also finished 80+ pages of my new data books but have to get them all bound before I can show them off. These will replace my old folder system for students to record their progress. I'm writing about this now to give me a push to have them done for next week's Monday Made It!


  1. Aren't you smart to do STEM letters! I just love that color! Love that your bottle is plastic. I break something almost daily in my room so that would be helpful. I went to an antique/thrift shop last week that had the cutest flower in a painted jar. They wanted EIGHTEEN dollars for it. I might be in the wrong business and need to go purchase a booth and put in flowers in jars. Maybe we should go into business together since you already have the bottle! Lol
    Rockin' and Lovin' Learnin'

  2. I love the color of your letters and vase.

    My Bright Blue House


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