Fiction Friday: July 31st

I've finished several books in the past week including a number of adult series books that I found myself just sitting and devouring. I love series, and I especially love it when I find a new one to love. Now I'm waiting for the next stories to come out in August and September. I only read one children's book, but I have several more of our Sunshine State books waiting for me to finish my currently reading pile!

I found Sink or Swim by Valerie Coulman because I have been collecting titles to use in our lessons about the brain and growth mindsets. This is the second book about Ralph the Cow but I have not read When Pigs Fly - yet!
This is a great book for teaching about what having a growth mindset - positive attitude - can do for you when it comes to learning. When Ralph is told that cows don't swim his response is that he can't swim - yet! However, he is determined to learn and he perseveres and problem solves until he is enjoying the coolness of the pool.

Hopefully I'll have more for next week! And don't forget the Back To School sale - 20% off!

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  1. Another book to add to my list! I love how growth mindset is taking off and I'm always looking for books that give us another opportunity to talk with students about this important idea. Thanks for sharing your recommendations and I'm so curious about your other novels. What did you read?!? :)


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