Fiction Friday: July 24th

Last week I was mostly reading adult books so never got a FF post done. This week I finished several though!

My first book is one of our Florida SSYRA winners for grades 3-5. I really liked the story, and thought it would make a great classroom read aloud since the chapters are fairly short.

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White Fur Flying by Patricia MacLachlan tells about Zoe's family. Her dad is a vet and her mom rescues dogs, Great Pyrenees is particular. The story of them with the dogs is sweet, but there is of course much more. A couple with a young boy rent the house next door and it turns out that the little boy does not speak. He is living with his aunt and uncle while his parents try to work through some problems (no details are given) and these are adults who are not used to children and don't really know what to do with young Phillip. As Zoe, her sister Alice, and their mom try to befriend Phillip and his aunt the dogs are a bridge to the child. I'm going to make myself stop telling the story so you can discover it for yourself!

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Last summer I read the first book in this series by Katherine Applegate and added it to my classroom library for my many students who need below level texts. Never Swipe A Bully's Bear is the second book of the series and when I had a chance to pick it up free I jumped at it. Roscoe is a first grader who tries to stay out of trouble but always seems to end up in some sort of complicated situation. Kids can definitely relate to him and teachers probably know him well! In this one, Roscoe's beloved stuffed pig disappears and he is convinced that it was taken by the class bully. He ends up trying to get even which (spoiler alert) does not work out very well!

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This is another of our SSYRA winners for this year. I loved this story by a debut author. Midnight Gulch used to be a town filled with magic - before a curse ended that. Felicity, her little sister, and her Mom with the wandering heart come back to Mom's home town for what they expect, or in the case of the girls dread will be a short stay, it may turn out that there's still a snicker of magic there. The heart of this story is the relationships - between the family members and between residents in this charming town.

So, what have you been reading? My TBR pile is down to 36 titles so I'm looking forward to hearing about some good additions.


  1. I wasn't familiar with the Roscoe Riley series. I know some students (and adults) who would probably relate to Roscoe.
    Happy Friday,
    Artistry of Education

  2. Adding White Fur Flying to my list immediately; it looks wonderful. I remember you blogging about the Roscoe series last summer and I'm so glad you reminded me about them again. I've got to get my hands on those now too. Snicker of Magic is already on my TPR list and I can't wait. Thanks for sharing your newest discoveries. Happy Friday!


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