Shop 'Til You Drop

No, this is not a post about back to school shopping! This is the title of a new product I just put in my stores. I started  out intending to update this:

This one goes back to the days when I was still working in MS Word, so it was badly in need of updating. However, a funny thing happened along the way. I decided to turn it into a completely new product that was not tied to the holiday season. I also ended up expanding it to include two editions. I call them the "toy story" edition and the "back to school" edition. It's still about adding money amounts, but now there is a set of toy cards with prices (and without for differentiation) and a set of school supplies. I ended up spending a lot more time on it than projected and am very happy with the results! Since I teach third and we have no standards that include money I designed the school supplies edition to be used in September as a review of second grade math. The toy story edition has larger money amounts for later in the year -- but there is no holiday connection now.


I've uploaded this product to my TPT and TN stores, and have a giveaway today on my Facebook page -- check it out for a chance to get this for free.

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