(not so) Extreme Makeovers

I know a lot of you have seen the blogging challenge this summer that starts with making over some of your TPT products. I didn't choose to participate, but did plan to update and "beautify" some of my products. When I started, I was using Word (!) so I still have some of those to fix up, plus lots of boring covers. I started working on this last summer, but did not get much done. This year I am determined to be super productive and update everything that needs it PLUS develop new products. Here are a few things already done:

1. Equal Shares

2. Math and Money

3. We Love Candy Bar Fractions 

The first two products got major makeovers of the content and I'm much happier with them! Candy Bar Fractions had a content update last year, so I just wanted to give it a cosmetic face-lift this summer :) You can click each picture to see it in TPT.

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