Fiction Friday: June 26th

Home of the Brave by Katherine Applegate has been on my TBR list for months, and this week I finally got to it. Kek comes to America from Sudan to join his aunt and cousin, the other survivors of the massacre of his village. He tells his story in his own words, marveling and also being overwhelmed by so many strange things in this country. It's a difficult adjustment, and I love how Kek so often manages to keep a positive attitude (a contrast to his older cousin). 

I ordered this book because I'm trying to build up a set of books to enhance my STEM lessons. Then I hoped for the best! I'm very pleased with it, and planning how I will use it with my students this year. This is from Amazon: When seven-year-old Kondi decides to fashion a galimoto (a generic term for various push-toys made from wires and sticks), his older brother is convinced that a small boy should not undertake such a difficult project. Besides, the elder brother reminds him, Kondi does not have enough wire to make a toy. Readers follow the clever boy through his small African village on his quest to obtain the precious material from adults and other children through persuasion and old-fashioned know-how. Although he encounters many obstacles in his search, Kondi's persistence is rewarded. 

I decided to check in on my "Books I Want to Read" list and am so happy to see I've finished 3 out of the 5 I listed! I still need to read The Martian, and of course like many I'm waiting for the Harper Lee to be released. Not bad.

This book is a short story I published recently -- it is free today. I wrote a blog post yesterday telling about this.

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