A Writing Journey

This post is a bit different from the norm; I'm going to share with you a story I recently published for Kindle.

Last Sunday (Father's Day) I was thinking about my own father. When I was born, he was stationed in Taiwan (Formosa) as a member of the Air Force. My mother and I flew there from Vermont when I was about 6 weeks old. Most of what I know about our time there I've gleaned from the letters they wrote to my grandparents -- my grandmother saved them all! I also know I came back from there speaking a mixture of english and chinese that I picked up from the people who worked in our home. Too bad I lost that!

When I was just one year old my father was killed in a military plane crash, so I grew up without knowing him. As a young adult, I was given a folder of memorabilia by my grandmother and it was then I learned that he loved to write. There were clippings from his high school newspaper showing a regular column he had created plus some other pieces of writing.

This is where the story "The Vigil" came from. I wanted to publish it in his honor, so I edited and revised it -- while keeping the story the way he wrote it -- and published it last week with Amazon. I have just put it on sale (FREE) through the weekend, so I'd love it if you would download it for your device. Just knowing someone will read it is my reason for putting it out there. It's not great lit - it's written by a teenager -- but I'd appreciate it if you would take the time to give it a quick review on amazon. 


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