Time for STEM!

Each time we did a STEM activity throughout the fall my students would ask to do more; not every month but every week! I loved the idea too, but since this has been my first year implementing STEM in the classroom I didn't think I could manage it very well at the beginning. As the year progressed though I could see the value of what we were doing with these activities, so I began to think about making it part of each week's plans.

It has been working out very well! I made Wednesday our STEM day, and my kiddos look forward to it each time. It has been especially exciting for one of my NES (non-English speaking) students. STEM is so accessible; all I do is say the word and his eyes light up and his whole body quivers!!

Recently we spent a couple Wednesdays working with catapults, talking about forces and motion. We had already finished our study of Energy in science class, so we were able to use that knowledge. On week one, we used catapults that I made a few years ago in a workshop.

Students launched pieces of sponges and measured the distance. It was such a great way to practice measurement skills! Students were very engaged in trying to determine a way to get longer distances, there was so much conversation going on AND great teamwork.

At the end, I told them that next time they would have a chance to make their own catapults. I'll share that experience in another post.

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  1. Love this idea! I would really like to do more STEM activities with my students. They are so much fun and such a great way to practice real world skills!

    The Math Maniac


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