Math Lit: Pigs will be Pigs

I am a long time fan of Amy Axelrod's pig family! While they are all fun to read, I am planning to use this one as a springboard for reviewing money this week. Since we do not have "money standards" in third grade I look for fun ways to help my kiddos review money concepts and this definitely fits.

In this story, the Pigs are hungry and the cupboard is bare. They want to go out to a restaurant, but they are also out of money!

The family has a great money hunt -- you know, checking the couch cushions, finding change in the washing machine -- and find some bills and change. When I read this book, I have my students grab their whiteboards and markers and keep a running total of the money they find.

When they get to the restaurant the menu is included, which is perfect for students to calculate the total of what they order. As an extension, they can come up with different orders that will also stay within their budget.

Just a little bonus -- the ending of the story has a wonderful illustration that will make you laugh and probably lead to some more great discussion!

Do you have a favorite Amy Axelrod book?

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