Using Our Brains - Mindsets at School Part 2

We began our mindset work in my classroom with learning about the brain. I gave my kids an outline of a head, asked them to draw a brain in the skull and then write things that they know about the brain. Here are a couple of examples of their work:

Afterwards, they shared some of what they wrote and I compiled a list on the board. We discussed them, and I guided them toward the concepts that we would be hearing about when we read this book:

This is a great book to teach kids about the brain! I picked it up a year or two ago from scholastic book clubs and had never used it until this year when it became a focus at school (it was one of those "Oh! I have that book!" moments). It starts with great information about the different parts of the brain, including the functions of each. We took a long time with this book, looking at small portions of it at a time. Usually we went in depth on a couple pages in each session.

I also gave each student a little folded paper notebook for work we do about the brain and mindsets. They have a brain map, and pages for writing. I like to have them reflect every week about what they have been doing to grow and stretch their brain.

Next time I'll share some stories I use to help with our discussions of how to change to a growth mindset. Also, you may be interested in my Pinterest board on the topic.

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