Using Our Brain: Mindsets in the Classroom Part 3

This time I'd like to share a couple books that I have used in our mindsets discussions. Both of these are great for starting a conversation about the differences between fixed and growth mindsets.

This is a story from Mia Hamm's childhood, when she did not want to play if she couldn't win! There is a great lesson here about sportsmanship, perseverance, and hard work.

The story of Wilma Rudolph is inspiring; she overcame polio which left her crippled to become the world's fastest woman. My students are always surprised at the treatment of women in the past, and of people of color. They loved hearing how Wilma overcame that as well as her "I Can" spirit.

Both of these books are fantastic additions to your classroom library whether you are talking about mindsets or not  -- highly recommended by both myself and my students.

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