Math Lit: Shark Swimathon

I knew I wanted this book just by the title! Third grade boys are particularly fascinated by sharks, so why not a math book about sharks?! And of course, I continue my obsession with Stuart J. Murphy math texts.

The story opens with a post - practice discussion by the Ocean City Sharks swim team about attending state swim camp. They want to go, but don't have the money. Fortunately, their coach has an idea -- enter the laps contest to win a trip for the whole swim team!

With a total of 75 laps needed, the team begins to swim (they have 4 days). Each day involves subtracting two-digit numbers to find out how many more laps they need.

I love that you can see what Coach Blue is thinking for each subtraction problem (regrouping). These sharks have a great spirit of teamwork, working together to reach their goal. And yes, they get to go to swim camp!

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