Math Lit: One Grain of Rice

One Grain of Rice by Demi

From Amazon:  Exotic, beautiful, and instructive, this "mathematical folktale" by author-illustrator Demi emerged from her love of India. The narrative and the evocative illustrations combine to create a real sense of the culture and atmosphere of this romantic land.
It's the story of Rani, a clever girl who outsmarts a very selfish raja and saves her village. When offered a reward for a good deed, she asks only for one grain of rice, doubled each day for 30 days. Remember your math? That's lots of rice: enough to feed a village for a good long time--and to teach a greedy raja a lesson.

This is such a fun book to share with your students as part of a lesson about doubling. It goes well beyond the "doubles facts" that we work on in helping students to understand the scope of doubling. This is one of the books I like to pull out after state testing; students seem to really enjoy it and you can extend it by having them write their own story involving doubling of some item. I wrote a few months ago about the book Two of Everything (see it here), and I like to revisit that one before sharing this story.

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