Math Lit: Just Enough Carrots

When this book arrived in my mailbox a couple weeks ago I sat right down to read it and it is just so cute! A little rabbit is grocery shopping with his mom, and is trying to convince her that they need more carrots. He sees other shoppers buying more, but mom has put just one little bunch in the cart.
The math concept for this one -- comparing amounts! Some shoppers have more, less, or the same amount as the rabbit family.

Instead of buying more carrots, Mom picks up peanuts (we don't need so many!) and worms (though he begs her not to). In the end, it turns out they are having company for lunch which explains why the peanuts and worms! The illustrations show fewer, same, and more very well throughout the shopping, and I think this story will be ideal for K and 1st, who will probably identify with the little rabbit. 

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