February Currently

Happy February! Time for Farley's monthly Currently link up.

1. I listen to the Daily Audio Bible podcast every morning. I've listened through the entire Bible for about four years now.

2. Every year one of our friends invites us to her Soup-er Bowl party, but we have never been able to go. Finally this year we are free!

3. I'm thinking Savory Cheese Soup. I love it, so hopefully others will too.

4. I love spring break! We have tickets to two different spring training baseball games, and I am so looking forward to going.

5. We are in the middle of fractions on the number line, and I'm trying to find a good variety of activities to help my kiddos understand what to do. We are making progress, but some of them haven't quite put it together. Found some good stuff last night on TPT that I think they will enjoy!

6. I have started 2015 with a renewed commitment to reading more books - my Goodreads goal is 100, though I'm really hoping for 200. I've had a good start with 14 books completed in January. Basically, I've nearly stopped watching TV.

Off to read some other Currentlys!


  1. I am loving the 'Soup'- er bowl idea! Savoury cheese sounds yum! I am mega impressed by your 14 books already this year- here was me thinking 5 was good going! I watch far too much T.V. to get through 14 in a month- I hope you hit your target and enjoy everyone- I'm awful at stopping books because I'm not engaged. Have a super week Xx

  2. I think I only had to abandon 1 book last month; I really enjoyed all my other selections.

    Math is Elementary

  3. 14 books? That sounds like a dream! Good luck with your 100 Challenge.
    Soup-er Bowl sounds wonderful - it's a balmy 25 degrees here :)

  4. Yes! Here's hoping Feb. goes fast and brings us to spring break! Woo Hoo!
    Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom

  5. Wow - 14 books - I'm very impressed! I was aiming to do the 52 books challenge on IG but as I've only completed 1 book so far I think hitting 12 by the end of 2015 will be an achievement! Savoury Cheese Soup sounds yummy!
    Growing Little Learners


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