Using Our Brains - Mindsets at School Part 1

Have you been doing any work with mindsets this year? My school has had a focus on learning about our brain and how to develop a growth mindset. I've been intending to blog about it, so here goes. It started with this book:

Mindsets in the Classroom takes Carol Dweck's research and transfers it into our classroom with a focus on helping students understand how important their mindset it. This is a brief description from Amazon:

When students believe that dedication and hard work can change their performance in school, they grow to become resilient, successful students. Inspired by the popular mindset idea that hard work and effort can lead to success, Mindsets in the Classroom provides educators with ideas for ways to build a growth mindset school culture, wherein students are challenged to change their thinking about their abilities and potential.

We are working with our kids this year to help them grow and stretch their brains and especially develop positive ways of approaching learning. If you are not familiar with Dr. Dweck, check out this video of her with Sal Khan of Khan Academy:

I'll be posting again about some of the things I have been doing in my own classroom. My kids have been loving learning about the brain!

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