Monday Made It: January 2015

I don't seem to get this post done when school is in session, but with a couple weeks of vacation under my belt I decided that I'd give it a try this month!

In third grade we don't have a lot of time for craftivities, but during December I always try to fit in something. This year we made paper bag gingerbread houses. My students enjoyed it so much!


When I went to Alaska in July I brought back one piece of fabric from a local quilt shop. It has pictures of southeast Alaska. This fall I decided to make it into a wall hanging for my in-laws, who were also on the cruise.

For my grade level team, I always make chocolate fudge. This year I considered not doing it (it's my Kryptonite!), but one of my friends would be SO disappointed so I went ahead and did it anyway.

Fantasy Fudge recipe

 I also made one of these fabric ornaments for each member of my team. There are 9 of them, so I was scrambling a bit at the end!

I did not do a lot of school preparation during the break, but I did complete some fraction games for the first week back. We spend the next two months working on fractions and I wanted something new to use while teaching about unit fractions.

Much to my surprise, I actually came up with five things to share! I'm looking forward to seeing what you made.


  1. I love the gingerbread houses!


  2. The gingerbread houses are too cute! Makes me wish I taught little ones.

    Brynn Allison
    The Literary Maven

  3. I liked your paper bag gingerbread houses. At least there's no danger of eating the decorations!

    Math is Fundamental


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