Math Lit: Rodeo Time

I grew up in small town Vermont, and every September we had two school days off in September for our county fair. Today I live in Osceola County, Florida, and we have a Friday off in February for Rodeo Day! I love it -- our county still has many cattle ranches, so it's a piece of history. Now in case you are thinking we have an extra day off, we go to school on President's Day when the districts around us are off :)

This year I am planning to use another of my Stuart J. Murphy books during that week:

The math concept for this one is reading a schedule, and it is a good springboard for elapsed time -- always a problem for my thirds -- as well as other time concepts! Our timeline for math instruction leaves time until the end (March), so I'll be previewing and reviewing that week with the new product I have been creating with a rodeo theme. As part of that, I put together a little time matching activity which I want to share with you. Click here to download it for your use.

Now to get back to work on my elapsed time task cards! Enjoy.

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